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Immanuel Journaling

Meeting with Jesus when its difficult to pray

“The Life Model is the best model I have seen for restoring the disintegrating community fabric within Christian churches.”

Dallas Willard


Immanuel Journaling is a writing exercise or practice that helps us to explore our life events, especially our interior life including our thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with our GOOD God, Immanuel.  It is a simple process to help you become aware of God’s compassionate presence in the painful as well as mundane moments of your life.


Slowing down enough to pause, give thanks (if you are able), and then follow an elegant process of sensing God’s response has been transformative to people across the nation and the world.   People continue to share stories of peace and transformation as well as reconciling relationships.

STEP ONE - Interactive gratitude

Write anything I appreciate and then write God's response to my gratitude.

STEP TWO - I can see you

Write from God's perspective what he observes in you right now, including your physical sensations. Example: I can see you at your desk. Your breathing is shallow and your shoulders are tight.

STEP THREE - I can hear you

Write from God's perspective what he hears you saying to yourself. Example: You are wondering if I will speak to you and how you would ever know. You are discouraged and tired. OR: You woke up full of energy this morning. You are ready to take on the world. Your mind is buzzing...

STEP FOUR - I understand how big this is for you

How does God see your dreams, blessings, or upsets, and troubles? Example: I want you to know that I care about what matters to you. Your desire to honor me brings me great pleasure... OR: I understand how intimidated you feel. This situation feels all-consuming to you as if you are about to sink...

STEP FIVE - I am glad to be with you and treat your weakness tenderly

How does God express his desire to participate in your life? Example: Your dreams are precious to me. I fill you with life each day and really enjoy your desire to... OR: I see your discouragement after yelling again. Times, when you are frustrated and tired, is when I want to be closer to you...

STEP SIX - I can do something about what you are going through

What does God give you for this time? Example: Come away with me. I offer you times of refreshing, new energy, and vision. OR: I will strengthen you. Remember how your friend encouraged you last week? With me, you are not alone...

STEP SEVEN - Read what you have written aloud (preferably to someone)

Joyful Journey by Wilder, Kang, Loppnow, and Loppnow ©2015 and used by permission.

Permission granted to duplicate for personal or group use.


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