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URstory SandBoxBible is already operating in over 17 nations world wide. The goal is to present the Bible in a visual, easy to re-tell, easy to remember, inductive format for any and all believers. One day, in the not too far distance, The SandBoxBible will be in 1000's of homes, in 1000's of Sunday schools, and many Theology Classrooms all over the world. It will be in both 2D and 3D figures, either in RICE, or SAND or on a TABLE... and hopefully on the Playground at home of millions of children.


Vision 4:4

Matthew 4:4 “It is written: ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word (RHEMA) that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.’” Not only do we ought to read the Bible daily, but Jesus made it clear that we live on the word (RHEMA) and not the written word (LOGOS). We need to therefore re-learn what it is to read the Bible in a meditative way so that we can lean into what Holy Spirit wants to say to us in each situation we find ourselves inAnother place where RHEMA is used and not LOGOS is when we are in warfare - real-life - mode.  Eph 6:17. The sword, which is the word is RHEMA! Yes, the personal word God gives you for your situation. We need to unlearn to parrot scriptures for simply any situation and to ask God what HIS word (RHEMA) is for that moment or situation or persona you are praying for.

The Result: We might start to see much more answered prayer!

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My mom said that Jesus Toys does not exist. Then I showed her the SandBoxBible! 

Decline (6), Benoni South Africa



Urstory comes alongside church plant movements in the 10-40 window, training new pastors how to engage their Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist Background believers in listening to scriptures in a way that is practical in its discipleship & application. Most members will most likely never own their own bible. The URstory SandBoxBible or RiceBoxStory as it is named in these persecuted nations is extremely strategic as we have now seen with field testing done in over 17 nations.


URstory help to bring translated passages of the Bible alive through stop-motion videos.

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