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So many doors are opening. Enjoy this news and pics

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

"If you want to grow, you need a bigger container and this time it means to be registered."

ABOVE Samaritan's day in Melkhoutfontein

UrStory (SandboxBible) is finally registered as a Non-Profit.

After 5 long years developing the SandBoxBible, seeing it becoming URstory with different aspects that can grow into many avenues helping to disciple unreached nations, I can simply say: Thank You Jesus.

He also knew I could not do it alone and having the most amazing mission partner by my side, is the best bonus ever. Rianni and I will soon fly out to Kathmandu and various villages far and near.

I was on the phone with our key contact and she said: "Please Sarah, please come and train us and take us DEEP" Her words really touched me. I will be doing staff training and SBB training with them.

Before flying out, I will be joining the UofN Spiritual Formation Master's group in Cape Town for 6 days starting 1 October.

We have the incredible privilege of having Trevor Hudson as our guest speaker and I am so ready for the week. At first I cancelled my invitation because of finance and that same night I had a very clear dream. When I woke up, I knew I had to go.

Yesterday a friend in Europe said she felt God lay upon her heart to ask me what financial needs I had. She had NO idea what my bank statements looked like and I felt so overjoyed in how this specific provision for Cape Town came in.



When the electricity is on our side, I get to hit feathers weekly with my team. This day we played George and only got back 22:00 in Stilbaai.



School of Biblical Studies (SBS)

SBS is notorious for being one of the most difficult and tedious schools in YWAM to complete. It is not as I did not complete mine in 1998 but seeing that Rianni and I are working out stories with all the figures that need to be in each, I decided to join her, doing SBS online for the next 2 years. This intense inductive Bible study method takes you line by line through scripture numerous times!

It actually comes at a very busy season for us but we will forge ahead!



Seeing that we are officially a Non-Profit, URstory Partners can now easily give for our travels, training and distribution of the SandBoxBible. In some nations we call it the RICE STORY BOX where we cannot as openly say "Bible" as we do here in South Africa.

Thanks for praying about partnering with us. We fly out 11 October for 4 weeks. We will need your prayers!

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