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Updated: Nov 14, 2023

We had such incredible God-connections in the region where there are basically no churches and very few persecuted believers that we will be doing a massive 160kg 80boxes SandBoxBible drop through this key national leader in MARCH 2024.

Please pray with us and ask God if you should be involved in the next "drop & Train" Our tickets is R17,200 each.


We have a goal to give each of the 300 known churches in Nepal at least one box over the next 2 years. We trained key Sunday school teachers. We did not have boxes for everyone and it was so hard to leave like that.

We will hopefully be 4 or 5 flying this time with 40kg each... we might be able to fly 80 boxes!!!!


Serving Him with Joy,
Sarah & Rianni


crochet with a purpose

1st update. Traveling took two days longer due to delay after delay.

2nd update - Training at youth camp. Deliverance.

3rd and final update


As I tried to catch a rest on the extremely flat hard "bed" I suddenly heard Rianni calling me. It was the type of call where I knew she needed help so with a bent head I walked to the outside where chickens, baby goats, and a boy were looking at me as I exited this tiny place.

Praise God we were more than 200km away from the earthquake that shook us awake a few minutes before midnight a few nights later when we already moved to another location. So many died...

What is wrong, I asked her.

This boy is asking me to pray for him to speak in English and I don't know what to tell him. I laughed and walked closer to the boy. Our amazing translator was also present.

I said to him: "Tell the boy, I will pray for him to speak in English if he prays for me to speak Nepali." All of us laughed. It was then that this boy started talking to me as if I could understand. The interpreter did his best but it was the manner this boy persisted.

I cannot remember what I asked or said but the interpreter suddenly said: "The boy is saying that he gets beaten and chased away from school for being naughty. The teacher told him to go and work in a place like India and wash other people's clothing - something only the lowest of the low class does... these people are less than animals most of the time.

I said to the boy, "lets forgive the teacher." I had no idea that he was not a Christian! I assumed he was with this family. He kept saying through the interpreter, "How can I do that, the person is not here?" I just said, repeat after me... It took a while for him to do so, but suddenly he prayed after me. I held his small body while he was following me with all sincerity.

I even get emotional typing this again. It was so special to see what happened next. His face! He sat back in the plastic chair and like a woman with hot flashes he waved in front of his face with both hands as if he was super hot and trying to keep back tears. He was smiling. Holy Spirit touched him. This was clear.

I suddenly saw the tremendous leadership potential in this boy. It was as if the Holy Spirit showed me something I could not shake. After we spoke I left and went back to my mud room and rock-hard bed because I was very tired.

Suddenly, as clear as crystal I heard Holy Spirit say to me: "Give him your Bible"

Now this Bible was very special to me, more than any other Bible I ever had. It was so loud and clear that I immediately stood up and went outside. I asked Rianni to record what was about to take place.

Right after that my interpreter asked me, "Why did you give your Bible to an unbeliever?" I told him - God said so! That is enough. In my heart I was like "OH my my... - he is not a Christian."

I said to him that the Bible was his but that I had to borrow it first because I was ministering again and really needed my Bible because of the SandBoxBible Method I used.

Then amazing confirmation came. This boy came to this small church - the only one for miles and miles with many villages around with no believers whatsoever. This specific pastor went to jail for telling someone about Jesus.

After I preached I called out the boy. I told the church what happened and handed the boy the Bible in front of witnesses. I told the Pastor - "You are now a father to this boy. You and your community must cover him." The Pastor had to take the Bible and keep it for the boy because of the danger for the boy if his family caught him with the Bible.

After church my interpreter and the pastor with the boy came to me. He said: "I believe what you said about the boy. What you prophesied over him will come true. He has come to me before when they beat him. I do look after him in this capacity."

WOW THANK YOU GOD for this confirmation. That boy will one day preach from my white Bible... this I KNOW.



Registered Non Profit Registered Non-Profit Reg K2023116541

Help us bring "The Lion Of Judah" to kids in Nepal!

We saw how these small animals opened a door for us to share, not only about animals in South Africa but about Jesus.

We give it to kids on airplanes, busses and those sleeping on the streets...

If you know of people who do this as a hobby, please let them connect with us. We want to fly as many as we can on our next trip.




that I could capture when Rianni gave it away:

- This kid was so car sick and she held onto her new toy the whole time.

- The guy on the 2nd picture was someone we could fully share the gospel with - he is the guy that paint Buddhist Tankas with whom we could share the Christian Tanka!

- The 3rd guy was our amazing interpreter!

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